Koonthan Kulam

When we talk about bird sanctuaries in India, Koonthankulam or Kunthankulam bird sanctuary is one of the top listed sanctuaries! Known for its immense beauty and enriched wildlife, Koonthankulam is really a great place to tour More than 43 species of resident and migratory water birds visit here every year. More than 100,000 migratory birds start coming by December and fly away to their northern homes by June or July after they lay and hatch eggs and the young ones mature enough to fly with the older ones.


Koonthankulam is located near by a small viallge Nanguneri Taluk in Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu. From the lively village Tirunelveli, the sanctuary is barely 38 kilometers forth. The sanctuary and the village is complimented by the charming river Tambaraparani River. People can easily reach the Koonthankulam bird sanctuary from the Nanguneri Taluk.

Koonthankulam bird sanctuary is spread in a vast area. Around 1.29 square kilometer of dense forest makes up the overall area of Koonthankulam. The temperature is temperate throughout the year, and gets little warm in summers. However, rainfall is quite similar to the south Indian climatic conditions during the monsoons.

This unique sanctuary is actively protected and managed by the Koonthakulam village community. The local people take a keen interest in protecting this sanctuary and they live together in total symbiotic harmony. Birds coming to villagers backyards are protected vehemently and regarded as harbingers of luck. The excreta of birds and silt from the tanks is collected by villagers in summer and applied as fertilizer to their fields. All villagers protect the birds, their nests and fledgelings. Fallen chicks are taken care of in the rescue centre till they are able to fly on their own. Anyone disturbing the nests are punished by shaving their head, or making a public procession on a donkey. The Indian festival Diwali is not celebrated here because the sound of crackers would drive away the winged visitors.

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